Strategic Vision

Hold the vision. Trust the process


Odessa Theological Seminary is a Baptist theological institution of higher learning that helps Evangelical churches in Ukraine and beyond to equip believers to the church, missionary and educational service in the Church and society to fulfillthe Great Commission of Jesus Christ
(Matthew 28:18-20).


  • We value community worship
  • and service to the Triune God.

  • We value truth.
  • Wevaluehumanrelationships.
  • We value the freedom to express one’s own opinion.
  • We value honesty, openness, and consistency.

Major Activities

  • Preparation of Christians for ministry by implementing educational programs in the areas of missions, church ministry and Christian education;
  • Retraining and continuing education for church leaders through conferences, seminars, and training workshops on the site of the seminary and beyond;
  • Developing education via participation inconferences and publications;
Strategic Vision of OTS

Odessa Theological Seminary sees its further development as a denominational educational institution within the structure of the All-UkrainianUnionof Churches of Evangelical Christian-Baptists that is dedicated to the realization of the strategic goals and tasks facing the Union over the next ten years, but which simultaneously maintains openness to dialogue and cooperation with other evangelical associations and educational institutions.

Taking into consideration existing economic and organizational difficulties, the leadership of the seminary recognizes the possibility of a pessimistic view for the next five years. In view of the pessimistic outlook, OTS is focusing its efforts on the following main tasks:

  1. Maintenance of present staff.
  2. Maintenance of connections with existing sponsors, both within Ukraine and beyond its borders with a simultaneous broadening of the circle of donors.
  3. Uninterrupted functioning of the basic activities:
  • The preparation of Christians for ministry by means of implementing study programs in the areas of missions and church ministry, and also Christian education;
  • Retraining and continuing education of church leaders by means of scholarly-practical conferences, seminars, and training workshops;
  • Educational work by means of participation in conferences and the publication of articles and books;
  • Research work and the development of study materials for theological materials for the education of ECB churches (preparation of textbooks, translation of theological literature, writing of articles and books).

Relying on God’s mercy, the leadership of the seminary hopes for the realization of a more optimistic development plan for the school by 2022.

Seminary programs
  • The seminary has a well-functioning Master’s level program (4 specializations: Pastoral Ministry, Leadership of Christian Education, Biblical Preaching, and Biblical Studies [residential program]).
  • The first graduation of a cooperative D.Prof. program has taken place.
  • A broadened Church Ministry program.
  • Preparation has begun for the seminary’s own doctoral program (in partnership with other schools).
  • Programs from level A to D are functioning.
  • The third graduation of students from the residential Church Ministry program has taken place.
  • The network of “church-seminary” extension program bases has increased.
  • A distance-education Bachelor’s program is functioning.
Seminary Resources

1. No fewer than five national faculty with doctoral degrees work at the seminary.
2. The Christian Education Department has three full-time faculty members.
3. At least twice a year scholarly-practical conferences are held; advanced education seminars are held at least twice a year; workshops are held at least twice a year; colloquia are held at least once a year.
4. Seminary instructors are actively involved in research projects directed toward issues facing the Baptist Union.
5. There are 300 students studying at the seminary; 50 of them are in residential programs.

Seminary External Connections
  1. The seminary has broadened and is actively sustaining partner relationships with a number of leading schools abroad.
  2. A public relations department is functioning actively.
  3. OTS is influential over a wide geographical area.
  4. An alumni association contributes actively to the support and development of its alma mater.
  5. The electronic journal Bogomyslie serves as a forum for the dissemination of the results of research by OTS instructors and students.
  6. The seminary is represented by instructors and leadership at key events and takes active part in all processes relating to the Baptist Union.
  7. The level of local financial support has increased to 60% and financial sources have diversified.

Key emphases

  • OTS prioritizes formation of biblically oriented pastors for the modern world.
  • OTS aims at development of Christian Education in different aspects of its applications (Church, parachurch programs, social work, adult education).
  • OTS seeks to nurture a research culture and develop national faculty.
  • OTS creates resources for the educational institutions of the Baptist Union and other Evangelical denominations.

Basic Competencies

  • Interprets and applies Scripture texts in answer to the needs of church and society.
  • Understands the theological position of the Baptist Union and its connection with Christian theology and worldview.
  • Is aware of the necessity of spiritual growth and continually strives to follow the example of Jesus Christ.
  • Understands the mission of the Church and strives to realize it through evangelism and the application of spiritual gifts in the local church.
  • Conveys the truth of God clearly, accurately, and convincingly.
  • Gathers and critically evaluates information on various issues connected with his or her field of specialization.
  • Strives to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and to develop necessary abilities and skills.